the blessed life

What’s a blessing? How do you define a blessing?  Would you know if a blessing if it hit you?

The word “bless” in the Bible, is the Greek word makarios which means, “happy.” To be blessed is to be happy. To have a blessing is to have happiness in your life. When Jesus talks about being blessed if you do this, he’s saying you’ll be happy if you do this. It’s the exact same word. 

Join us every Sunday for the month of September. As we study scriptures, we find that the problem isn’t with God; the problem is with us. God wants to bless your life, you just have to get bless-able.  A lot of us don’t live lives in ways that God can bless. God isn’t going to bless sin.  God isn’t going to bless arrogance.  God isn’t going to bless indifference.  There are a lot of things God will not bless.


week 1